Toonami Review: Parasyte episode 18 review

Parasyte epsiode 19

This is a new series of reviews  I have chosen to start I call my Toonami reviews. Here I will take something I watched on the adult swim block known as Toonami and review on a episode by episode basis. Today I am going to be looking at the anime sentai series known as Parasyte.


On this episode of Parasyte we get a  emotional  scene with Reiko Tamara as she dies and gives the baby to Shinichi Izumi. This scene shows the change in Reiko Tamara’s world and how she sees humans and after this Shinichi cries after watching her die. Mix it in with ‘Its the right time” makes for an sad emotional scene that can give us all tears when we watch it play out.


Migi sees this change in Tamara and finds it interesting. I believe this will lead to Migi also being able to change after the events that have transpired here.


I love Tamara’s words to Shinichi before she dies and how she sees human and parasytes, and the world around them. This could lead to Parasyte’s and humans being able to coexist.


At least that is what we hope but the ending may say otherwise as Shinichi’s identity may be found out next episode, but we will have to see.


Dimension W episode 1 review


When watching this first episode I must say that there isn’t a whole lot to say with it . It is very similar in tone to Psycho Pass and Darker than Black, but I have my doubts it will become a big and popular as those two are. There is still a lot of questions I have about this world though, and the way it is all built is actually pretty interesting to me in many ways as well. It feels like something I would love, but sadly right now I don’t.


So there are these things in the world called coils that give people all the unlimited energy they need. That sounds great right. Well apparently there are some coils that are legal and some that are illegal. How this is decided. We have no idea. In fact this episode leaves us with more questions, and I guess that would be a good thing if they story didn’t feel so lackluster. Maybe it is because I have seen way to many anime, but this didn’t feel that new to me. I will try to keep going and watching it because it seems so popular right now, but I am not sure.

Seven Deadly Sins anime review

When I first began watching the anime series known as Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix I couldn’t help but compare it to the amazing series known as Magi which was also by A-1 pictures, and because of that I found my brain being blocked out by looking at the series as a stand alone series. In fact after finishing all the episodes I feel as though this series is more similar to Fairy Tail, but it is a lot better than Fairy Tail in a lot of ways. Just in the way the series is structured where you look at it and at the start you see that Meliodas is the one taking center stage, but the true main character of the series is the busty female girl who seems useless at first, but as the story grows you really see that progression.

The cast in the series is just great and gives us some of the most epic shonen battles of all time.


Ban is quite the power hungry brute when you see him he seems like he is going to be the antagonist, but as the plot moves along he also joins the cast. he also ends up being the main rival for Meliodas.(Because every shonen series has to have a main rival for the hero)


Then there is the sexy giant known as Diane. Who is probably my personal favorite female character in the series especially when she is given a whole episode dedicated around her. She is actually quite the match to ever meet in a fight. She is gorgeous and is quite intelligent compared to most giants in tv shows and anime.


Then there is King who when first introduced is nothing more than a boring dumb character with a blade(Just look at his picture), but over time you begin to learn more about him and kind of start to relate and see where he is coming from. He is actually a pretty fun character once you get to know him.

And then there are the fights


The fights are just epic. My favorite fight being Meliodis vs Ban. And it is so cool to see and takes your breathe away. It is like DBZ again seeing this brawl with these two mighty fighters on each side who are just punching and kicking each other as they make things explode


Overall I highly recommend this series to everyone to at least give it a shot, and you may find it to your liking. It is fun, adventurous and cool as well. It is one of the best adventure anime you can find.

8/10 for seven deadly sins